Here’s some of what my amazing clients have to say


“With Scott’s coaching, my practice has doubled since I began coaching with him six months ago. And, I am attracting more and more of my ideal clients! Thank you, Scott!”
Dr. Liz Dobbins,Shine Chiropractic, Oakland, CA


“Scott is the brightest and most creative coach I’ve known or worked with. He has so many different kinds of strategies in his toolbox and is able to create programs that fit the unique needs of each of his clients. He’s also warm, supportive and has a great sense of humor. I would recommend him without hesitation. ” Dan Kaufman, Ph.D. Leadership Coach, Seattle, Washington



“Scott has helped me to integrate major shift in my life and is guiding me through a thoughtful process of making my dreams come true. With the most amazing tools and a fun attitude, Scott can definitely help you achieve your goals!”
Dr. Amy Day, ND San Francisco Natural Medicine


I had been dreading giving a talk at a networking group, but I worked with Scott and he taught me some NLP exercises that helped a lot. The night before, I practiced a few exercises he gave me and I slept really well since I was relaxed. I was not nervous at all when I gave the talk–what a surprise! Thank you, Scott! Marnie Reasor, Classical Homeopath


As a licensed clinical social worker and a yoga instructor, I have studied various forms mind/body approaches that support others in overcoming lots of issues including life stressors, anxiety, trauma, depression but I’ve never experienced anything quite as powerful as Scott’s work…I feel more capable and confident in dealing with the challenges as they arise. Thank you, Scott for helping this healer find abundance and inner strength that i had not tapped into before. Ken Breniman, MSW, RYT, Yoga Therapist


“Scott is an extremely effective coach with an amazing understanding of situations, highly creative approaches and a compelling way of helping clients see the value of trying new ways for making life successful. His ways of working with people employ his extensive knowledge of methodologies and disciplines, his genuine caring for others and his effectiveness in engaging people of all ages and backgrounds. You could not have a more effective supporter than Scott.” Dr. Cathy Rodgers, Ph.D., Life Coach New York


My work with Scott has been life changing and I don’t use that phrase lightly. On a daily basis I use the insights and exercises he has shared with me. Because of the work we’ve done together I have a more fulfilled life. I am impressed with his ferocious appetite to learn and then use his ability to synthesize it and share it with his clients. Jeff Lehman, Lehman Organizing Solutions


Ever feel anxious about starting something new in your life? Scott Mills has guided me through my fears of the unknown with helpful techniques that have allowed me to start my own business. Scott’s warm, impish sensibility brings out great insights on how to observe our behaviors and make positive adjustments to them.

Stacy Matties, Massage Therapist

Partial Client List

  • Rita Roti.  Zephyr Realty Top Performer.
  • Ruth Krishnan.  Paragon Realty Top Performer.
  • Teri Gardella.  Organized to a Tee.
  • Michelle Masters.  Money Magic.
  • Sarah Bashford.  Bashford and Dale Interior Designs.
  • New Life Chiropractic, Allison Strickland
  • Joie Mazor, Conscious Integrative Bodywork
  • San Francisco Natural Medicine
  • World’s Hidden Masters/ Jeff and Kane
  • Dr. Amy Day, ND
  • Matt Reynolds, CMT
  • Ken Breniman, Yoga Therapist, MSW, CYT
  • Kate Ramsey, CMT/ Yoga Teacher
  • Josh Alexander, SF Best of the Bay – Guardian and Chronicle
  • Daniela Freda, Acupuncturist
  • Peggy Nederloff, Feng Shui Expert
  • Aidan Kinsella, Chiropractor
  • Peg Capers, Chiropractor
  • Liz Dobbins, chiropractor
  • Cathy Rodger, Coach/ Consultant
  • Anna Randell, Sex Therapist
  • Salona Carlisle, Life Coach
  • Julie Baumhoffer, Acupuncturist
  • Kristin Hoppe, Nutritionist – SF Sexy Soup Cart Lady
  • Marnie Northrop – Nurtritionist
  • Marnie Reasor – homeopath
  • Dr. Nammy Patel, SFGreenDentist.com
  • Whole Fusion Almond Butter
  • Clara Chorley, Clarity Unlimited, Coach
  • Bill Meyer, Massage Therapist
  • Joel Orr, Book Coach
  • Pat Chan, photographer
  • Lydia Snider, Life Coach
  • Dawne Schoep, Personal Trainer
  • Alex Zaphiris, MD
  • Stacy Matthies, Massage Therapist
  • Jeff Lehman, Lehman Professional Organizing
  • JP Leddy, Networking Coach