Owning Your Expertise: How to Help Clients Value You (and Pay You) More

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For the first few years that I was coaching, I had a big problem. No matter how good my coaching was, no matter how much I learned and no matter how much praise I got from clients, I simply couldn’t take on the mantle of an expert. I was raised in a family that valued humility and to be called an expert would surely make me seem like a dreaded “know it all.” And on top of that, what if I said I was an expert and then there was something I didn’t know. Would that mean I was a big fraud?

Fortunately, I got over my fears and decided to own all the great learning and skill that I have helping people getting what they want in their lives, particularly holistic practitioners who want to build their practices and have a greater impact in the world. Now I want everyone to know that I’m the go to guy if they need help building their practice. When you claim your expertise you allow your clients to appreciate and value you more, pay you more and refer more people to you. Read on if you want to know to become an expert in your field.

First, the most important thing to becoming an expert is to pick your niche. I know I say this a lot but that’s because it’s important. You simply can’t be an expert in everything. There’s too much to know. So pick a specific area that you really want to be great at and own it. One of the best ways to do this is by picking a problem that you are really good at solving. I’m really good at helping people build more vibrant practices for holistic practitioners who are struggling or ready to accelerate their growth. Maybe you are really good at working with women who are pregnant in your massage practice. Or the best coach in working with men who are recently divorced. Take a moment now and think about what that niche might be for you.

Second, start learning. Luckily, there’s so much information that’s really easily available that you can get started right away. Read books, check out websites, read videos, listen to audio classes, take classes. Just keep learning so that you can know more and more about how to solve your problem. Most business experts that I study say that you can do this is 30 minutes to an hour a day. Just keep going.

Third, establish your expertise with the world. Obviously, the first way you are going to do this is by doing excellent work with your clients. That will allow them to tell everyone they know, “Wow, I just worked with Barbara and she helped me do _________ better than anyone.” Please note, telling people what you know is not the point. You study so you can be the best at what you do. The longer I coach, the less I say. My guess is that’s true for you as well.

Carrying some client success stories, there are lots of ways that you can show the world that you are an expert. These include: public speaking, doing workshops, writing articles, books or even just blogging. I will be sharing how to do these in upcoming articles so keep watching. Each one deserves a number of articles. But for now, if you already strong experience and know a lot, pick one of these and start owning your expertise around it. Even doing one will help a lot.

Finally, as new clients come to you, keep learning. Each client that I work with brings a new question or challenge. When you stop growing, that’s when the work gets boring. So even if they are offering you the same thing you’ve done before, ask yourself if there is anything that you have learned that will help them achieve the results they want better, faster or easier. Keep honing your skills.

Establishing yourself as an expert is one of the best ways to build your value to your clients. Any you may know that experts tend to get paid a lot more than other folks. If you need some help figuring out how to position your expertise, check out the free workshop that I offer on messaging and value called “the Three Big Money Mistakes Holistic Practioners Make: Asking the Right People, the Right Way for the Money You Deserve. ”

Scott Mills, Ph.D. works with holistic practitioners who are struggling to find clients and make the money they deserve. He assists them in expanding their practices, charging more money and feeling great doing it! If you would like more information please go to or call 800-276-3124.

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