Living without a Past: Ready for Transformation

Scott Mills, Ph.D.


transformation nowUsually twice a year I like to sit down and review all the goals that I have in my life. I go through my bucket list crossing off the things that I’ve done and imagine the things that I might dream of that I hadn’t before. Normally this is at New Year’s and my birthday. This year on my birthday I picked up Chris Guilleabeau’s brilliant little book, The Art of Non-Conformity: Set Your Own Rules, Live the Life You Want and Change the World. In it, he writes…”


Here’s a novel idea: wherever you are in life, however old you are, begin thinking about every day as the first day of your life.”

Of course, if I did that I would have to give up a whole lot of stories that tell me what I can and can’t do. I would have to release all my heartbreaking tales that sometimes have the unintended consequence of holding me back. I would have to give up all the stories of myself that keep me separate from other people. And, I would also have to give up all my tales of success, my glory days, and really focus on being in the present. Somehow all of this appeals to me and I wonder if it makes you curious as well? What would life be like if you choose to give up all those stories that have been telling you who you are and faced each day with a sense of possibility, a sense of wonder and openness?


If this is something that you would like to experiment with, I have three suggestions.


1. Speak only your truth in the present tense for a day. Leave behind all the stories that you might have told of yourself or others and see what happens when you just notice who you are today. If you like this, you might try it a bit more often.

2. Choose the word “choose.” Anytime you say “I have to, I must, I should” wonder why? What will happen if you don’t? Who’ll die? Which planet will explode? If, in fact, you really want to do it then simply use the word “choose.” And remember when you choose something, you can also choose something else.

3. Do something to change the world. If today was the first day of your life, you might ask what you would leave behind today? What small (or large) action could you take that would change the world? What will be your legacy that you leave behind as your way of knowing you made the world a better place? Decide on one thing today and do it. The size is not near as important as the momentum you build.


I would love to hear what happens for you as you try on these small life experiments. Please email me at and tell me what changes in your life!


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