Is Your Business Being Held Back by Your Beliefs About Money? Five Signs that You Could Be in Trouble

Scott Mills, Ph.D.

Most of the coaches and healer I know want to have lots of clients that they can help and make a good living doing it. They work hard to create new possibilities in the lives of their clients whether it’s helping them get their peace of mind back, giving them more time with their family or boosting their careers. I know that I have benefited from the guidance so many healers and my life is better for it. Unfortunately, too many healers and coaches are struggling way too hard to earn a living.


In my work making the businesses of healers and coaches wildly abundant and fun, I have more clients than I can count come to me in the same place. They feel stuck, burned out, they’ve done what they know how to do and they just can’t seem to get their business to the place they would like them to be. They are spending their lives supporting their businesses instead of their businesses supporting their lives.


I’ve learned that no matter what marketing strategies, sales techniques or fancy websites we put into place, if their underlying beliefs don’t support them in being successful then all their other attempts just seem to fall flat. In contrast, when their beliefs are supporting them often the worst websites and unskillful marketing will still take them to their goals.


Let me share with you five signs that your beliefs could be getting in the way of your business. Notice if you hold any of these beliefs.


1. You struggle with the notion that you have something valuable to offer. Almost without fail my clients who are service professionals have a nagging doubt at the back of their mind that says they’re not really worth all that much. Anyone could do the work that they are doing. If you are holding this belief, it will get in your way of charging what you’re worth, attracting your ideal clients and enjoying your business. You’ll always feel like you need to be giving yourself away for free and eventually will end up resenting your clients. That’s not fun for anyone, is it?

2. You charge your clients based on your time rather than value of the work you do. One of the first things I do with almost every client is to support them in raising their rates. I do this because almost without fail heales and coaches undervalue the impact that their work has on the lives of their clients. As long as you see your work as just offering your time, you will show up as small to your clients and not be the support that they really need. They need an expert who can guide them through the process of transforming their lives. How are you valuing your work?

3. You feel uncomfortable asking people for money. Has a client ever given you a check and you’ve looked away, almost embarrassed? Or perhaps you quickly offer a lower rate if someone seems like they aren’t going to book with you. You might even start at a lower rate because you don’t think they can really afford you. It’s hard to have anything in your life that you aren’t willing to ask for. How comfortable are you?

4. You feel uncomfortable talking to people about money. In America, we can broadcast the most minute details of our sex lives and yet money can be very uncomfortable to talk about. Just turn on the sitcoms and you’ll see this over and over again. Money has even been called the last taboo. Notice how comfortable you about talking about money to your friends and family. Are you able to tell them your financial goals and ask for support? What about your colleagues?

5. Your own financial circumstances are a source of shame. Even if you are in the worst financial circumstances you can imagine, feeling shame and guilt around them won’t help you move out of those circumstances. In fact, they’ll keep you stuck in the belief that you did something bad to get you there. And perhaps, you don’t even deserve to have more. If you’re feeling shameful around money in your life it is toxic to your ability to succeed.


If you hold one or more of these beliefs, they are signs that your business is being weighed down. The good news is that when these beliefs shift you can have more of your ideal clients, more money and you can feel great doing it! And then all those efforts at marketing and sales can really work too!


Find out more about how you can shift your practice to having more ideal clients, making more money and feeling great doing it. Schedule a discovery session with Scott today!


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